Landsteiner Scientific is a Mexican pharmaceutical company founded in 1998, dedicated to the manufacture, distribution and marketing of health products.

Our name was born in honor to the Austrian physician and naturalized American Karl Landsteiner, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine for his research in haematology and immunology in 1930.

Landsteiner Scientificcurrently has more than 1,000 employees and covers national and export market through its business lines. Landsteiner Scientific is distinguished by the research and development of drug products in specific therapeutic areas, for which it maintains a quality control according to the global models.

Landsteiner Scientific drug products are produced under the most stringent quality standards in Mexico, United States and Europe, with certified procedures based in good manufacturing practices. All of this is supervised through an internal audit program performed by the quality assurance department.

We area aware that ethics, quality, excellence, and social responsibility, are essential to fulfill our objectives, in Landsteiner Scientific we have undertaken concrete actions to contribute to the well-being of the Mexican population through products and services that allow a better quality of life.

Our business lines

  • Landsteiner Line (prescription)
  • Biotech
  • Government Sector
  • High Speciality
  • Own Brands
  • Licensing
  • Genomic Medicine


Contributing to the well-being of the society through ethical and professional development of innovative and top health products.


To be a company recognized by its national and international growth; driven by its biotechnological products, comprehensive programs and diversification in business lines. Committed to maintaining excellent levels of quality, customer service and employee training.


To maintain and increase current levels of our customers and consumers’ satisfaction, as well as ensuring a long-term sustainable operation, using operational, commercial, administrative and financial efficiency; all of it within a value generation framework.

To promote and maintain excellence in providing care, in accordance with the scientific and technological progress of medicine, within an ethical and humanistic environment. To provide health professionals with necessary tools for the development of continuous medical education and research programs by working together.