In Landsteiner Scientific has a dynamic set of values, ideas, habits and traditions, which we share with each of our partners. We are confident that our success is due to our people, in Landsteiner Scientific we not only respect the diversity and value its wealth; but we are also an inclusive company, where the opinion of each of our partners is important.

We apply this same philosophy with our suppliers, we seek diversity, without neglecting the standards that must be met to achieve the best possible result. Job opportunities are the same for all qualified candidates. We promote the passion for what we do and recognize the importance of each person's work. We measure our results on an individual basis, by division and the company in general.

Diversity and Inclusion

The incorporation of different approaches, is of utmost importance for Landsteiner Scientific. In an atmosphere of respect, we include all people who collaborate with us in every way: employees, suppliers, clients and the wider public.

We are aware of the differences that can arise due to the different cultural, historical, social, linguistic, biological, and other characteristics, however we believe that this diversity is precisely an opportunity to enrich ourselves as a company and to offer better products.

Diversity in ways of life might seem a disadvantage for communication, but in Landsteiner we try to break down existing barriers through respect and feedback. Promoting respect between people makes us a strong and inclusive company with the ability to have a presence both in our country and worldwide.