In Landsteiner Scientific we are committed to health , developing, producing, distributing and selling drug products with high standards and monitoring at all times the quality of our products, in order to maintain the satisfaction of our end-users: patients.

We're always willing to address and solve concerns and suggestions in a direct, precise, clear and the best way possible.

Worldwide, pharmacovigilance detects, assess and informs security data of drug products in order to promote the existence of better products that help meeting the health needs. Since each person has different characteristics, it is possible that drug products’ side effects (adverse reactions) may vary among individuals receiving the same treatment.

Therefore, Landsteiner Scientific, through its pharmacovigilance unit and in compliance with current regulations mainly promotes active direct consultation with your doctor < / b> for the prescription of appropriate, effective and safe drug products. And it also calls to notify our company cases in which adverse reactions during treatment with any of our drug products are detected.

These actions allow us to continuously improve our processes, comply with regulations on pharmacovigilance and meet the requirements of health today.

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Toll free: 01-800-5078686
Mexico City metropolitan area: (55) 54493690 Ext 3719.
Cell phone : (044) 55-40-85-26-40

To report an adverse reaction to a drug product click here.

With these data, the pharmacovigilance unit will follow notice of suspected adverse reaction and they will be in contact to obtain more information.

Your notification is confidential and helps us to improve!