We entered this branch of medicine through an investment in the Spanish company Neopharm Obesity

The latter is a strategic measure allowing us to locate therapies with higher success probability, orienting the development and production of medications for high prevalence diseases in Mexico and Latin America like cardiovascular, oncologic and neurodegenerative diseases as well as obesity.

EThis effort has the support of Institutes in a worldwide level, which allows us to insure that therapeutic developments include the application of results in Mexican population and Latino in general, thus addressing health demands imposed by the epidemiologic transition.

Genomic Medicine Proyects

Cell studies to characterize the effect of candidates for new drugs against metabolic diseases

Biological trials conducted by Landsteiner GENMED S.L. to characterize the cellular effects of molecules identified as potential drugs, on novel therapeutic targets for obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Computer Assisted Drug Design (DFAC) and in vivo preclinical studies focused on innovative Landsteiner drug products for Diabetes and Obesity

Molecular modeling on supercomputing platforms of novel therapeutic targets and molecules identified as potential drugs against Diabetes and Obesity, as well as the characterization of the metabolic effects of drugs in development in animal models.

Genomic factors involved in pharmacokinetics, efficacy and risk of adverse events of high speciality drug products in the Mexican population

Evaluation of genomic variants that may be associated with response, dose or adverse reactions to drug products used in psychiatry, endocrinology and clinical immunology from databases of healthy Mexican subjects and genomic information of patients and making use of the existing platforms in the High-Tech Units in INMEGEN.

Genomic tests of support for innovative drug products

Development and optimization of pharmacogenomic tests of clinical utility, relevant for the Mexican population and that correspond with the national health regulations.

Objectives of This Project

  1. To create products based on genomic medicine.

  2. To identify genomic variations in individuals who are associated with susceptibility to diseases.

  3. To use genomic variations in patients to predict the severity and nature of the complications of their disease, as well as to predict their treatment response (efficacy, adverse reactions and optimal dose).

  4. Using genomic variations of higher prevalence in a given population to provide adequate treatment.


UNAM Biomedical Research Institute (IIB-UNAM, Ciudad Universitaria)
National Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM Xochimilco, Iztapalapa, Lerma)
National Institute of Genomic Medicine (INMEGEN, SSA, MĂ©xico)