With the understanding that a good relationship between provider and client improves the final product or service quality, we practice with our providers a set of mechanisms that can improve and speed up the supply processes. We share methodologies intended to facilitate supplier-customer familiarity, which will mean a mutual benefit.

Values such as respect, commitment, confidence, flexibility and speed, are prevailing in our relations with suppliers, as we are always looking for a business efficiency that can provide excellent results.

This approach offers us tangible benefits, such as the opportunity to develop relations of strategic character that integrate suppliers into the value chain of the final product, which implies active participation, both the company and the supplier, which will guarantee the growth of both and will deliver substantial benefits to the customer.

Quality Standards

Quality remains a priority in Landsteiner Scientific, so that it would be impossible to carry out our work while ensuring that compliance with most stringent international standards of normalization is fulfilled in every one of our products. We have a control area comprised of specialists who check and certify the compliance of such processes required under the total quality policy, also according to good laboratory practices.

In our company, we comply with every guideline established by national standards such as: NOM-059-SSA1-1993, concerning good manufacturing practices, and the NOM-073-SSA-2005 concerning the drug product stability; as well as the international guidelines such as: ISO 9001: 2008, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EMA (European Medicines Agency), and the International Conference of Harmonization (ICH) guidelines.

Both the policy and the objectives of our quality management system (SGC) are oriented toward the identification and compliance with our customers requirements. Our laboratories in the plant, as well as in the Campus are equipped with state-of-the-art mechanisms that guarantee optimal answers each operation line.

We carry out procedures of HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) and Atomic Spectroscopy analysis in the development and quality control areas.