Business Lines

Partnerships for health care

For more than 20 years, Landsteiner Scientific® has been a leader in the Mexican pharmaceutical industry with a representative market share in therapeutic areas such as the nervous system, anti-infectives, cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic.


Worldwide Market

$USD Billions


USA Market 2019

$USD Billions


Mexico Market 2019

$USD Billions

We serve the health needs of the population through the distribution and marketing of our generic, biotechnological drugs, among other supplies, through three main lines of business: Government, private market, and export.

We create strategic alliances with the main companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which share with us the mission and commitment to make quality medicines and supplies accessible for the well-being of millions of patients.

Through joint venture strategic alliances, our products will reach the consumer directly through television sales, call centers, e-commerce, and the main retailers in Mexico and around the world.

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Business LinesFaced with a challenging scenario for the Mexican pharmaceutical industry, the commercial area is firmly convinced to potentiate our results, generate new strategic alliances and thereby achieve the company´s objectives.Business Lines

Commercial Director, Landsteiner Scientific.