Landsteiner Quality

Landsteiner Quality

Excellence in each of our processes

We are committed to maintaining excellent quality rating of our drug products, which are produced under rigorous processes and procedures based on the Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines issued by COFEPRIS.

Ensuring that each one of them complies with strict safety and efficacy parameters, through the implementation of physical-chemical and total quality controls, supervised by internal audit programs.

Both the policy and objectives of our Quality Management System (QMS) are oriented towards compliance with requirements by audits and national and international standards:

  • NOM-059-SSA1 | Current Version
  • NOM-073-SSA1 | Current Version
  • NOM-072-SSA1 | Current Version
  • ISO 9001: 2008

Our Certifications

Our Suppliers, a key pillar

We create relationships with our suppliers based on ethics, agility, and commitment, while we implement mechanisms that help improve the different supply and distribution processes to achieve optimal production levels.

This approach stimulates the integration of suppliers in the value chain of the final product, ensuring its quality and generating tangible results for our commercial clients, as well as for the patients who have access to our products.

Landsteiner Quality