Direct Distribution

Direct Distribution

Currently, our products are present in more than 45 thousand points of sale thanks to our efficient direct distribution network with a capacity of 2,600 deliveries annually throughout the National territory:

  • Accumulated savings from the Cost of Storage and Distribution 2018 – 2019 for $32.1 MDP.
  • Accumulated savings from the cost of Transportation 2018 – 2019 for $21.5 MDP.
  • Delivery of complete orders: 42% decrease in rejection events during delivery.
  • Compliance with the delivery conditions per customer:  95% Effectiveness.
  • Capacity of 2,600 deliveries per year equivalent to 17 millions of pieces, with a 5% increase in consolidation compared to the previous year.
  • Administrative efficiency in documentation with recovery of 18% vouchers
  • Control and follow-up to reverse logistics processes (returns of products.
  • Increased responsiveness whit reaction to commercial requirements.
  • Outsourced fleet with national coverage.