Celan 1

Core of our biotechnological research

In 1998 Landsteiner Scientific® was born as a pharmaceutical laboratory, giving way to the construction of our first production plant, the Landsteiner Technology Center 1 (CELAN 1), in the capital of the State of Mexico, in the Toluca 2000 Industrial Park.

In 2004 as part of our expansion objectives, CELAN 1 enabled the biotechnology research area with the purpose of developing specialized treatments for the main chronic-degenerative diseases.

Today it hosts the production of our line of highly specialized and bi-comparable biotech medicines with a wide range of technologies  to produce different pharmaceutical forms:

It should be noted that CELAN 1 complies with strict adherence to compliance with safety and quality regulations at the national (COFEPRIS) and international (INVIMA) levels, which enables it to produce medicines for export.





CELAN 1 in numbers


Thousand meters of construction


Million of parts in installed capacity


Million of pieces of used capacity

Celan 1