Celan 2

 Last generation  technology and innovation

The Landsteiner Technology Center 2 (CELAN 2), is a  avant-garde pharmaceutical plant with modern infrastructure and systematized production lines with state-of-the-art technological equipment.

Located in the Toluca 2000 Industrial Park in the capital of the State of Mexico, it has more than 17 thousand m2 of construction and an installed production capacity of 5.9 billion pieces per year.

The CELAN 2 campus is made up of five areas, each designed with strict adherence to national and international regulations and guidelines.

In addition, committed to the environment, its facilities were designed to be sustainable, ensuring the efficient use of energy resources, water consumption and good waste control.

Celan 2

Celan 2CELAN 2 is one of the pharmaceutical plants with the greatest generic drug production capacity in Latin America.Celan 2