In accordance with current NOM-220-SSA1, Pharmacovigilance is defined as the activities related to the detection, evaluation, understanding and prevention of adverse events, suspected adverse reactions, adverse reactions, events supposedly attributable to vaccination or immunization, or any other safety problem related to the use of drugs and vaccines.

At Landsteiner Scientific® we have a Pharmacovigilance unit that promotes:

  • Direct consultation with the doctor for the prescription of appropriate treatments for the patient.
  • The notification of suspected adverse reactions related to the use of a medicine manufactured by our laboratories.
  • Training on Pharmacovigilance to all our staff, in order to publicize the steps to follow in case of adverse reactions to any medication.

These actions allow us to comply with current regulations on pharmacovigilance and respond to the security needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

To report a suspected adverse reaction, please contact us at the following media:

Toll free: 01 800 507 8686.
Mexico City and Metropolitan area: 55 5449 3690 Ext. 3719
Cell phone: 55 4085 2640